Effectively immediately, Japanese passport holders can purchase a JR Pass at Amnet Costa Mesa branch office by showing proof of residency in person.  There is no exception to this rule. All other branch offices do not sell JR Passes to Japanese passport holders. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Step 1 You are here

Decide on the type of JR Pass you need based on the duration of your stay and the regions you will be visiting.

Selet the type of JR Pass
Step 2 Buy it here

Purchase a voucher for the JR Pass here or call the nearest Amnet branch.

Buy the voucher here
Step 3

Receive a voucher in the mail. This voucher is not your actual JR Pass; you will exchange it for your JR Pass once you arrive in Japan.

Receive the voucher by us
Step 4
Exchange the voucher for the JR Pass in JAPAN
Step 5

Present your JR Pass whenever you use JR trains, buses, and ferries within the designated regions and duration of your pass.

Show your JR Pass at the ticket gate
Step 6

Start exploring Japan! Use your JR Pass to travel, visit cities, landmarks, and hidden gems. Enjoy the culture, cuisine, and local experiences that make your journey memorable.

Enjoy Japan!

Getting a JR Pass Can Make Your Trip to Japan More Affordable, Convenient, and Enjoyable

The Japan Rail Pass is an excellent way to explore Japan's vast and efficient rail network, offering unlimited travel on most JR trains, including bullet trains, for a set period of time. It is a cost-effective option for travelers who plan to visit multiple cities or regions within Japan, as the pass covers not only the bullet trains but also local JR trains and buses. With the pass, travelers can easily navigate Japan's transportation system and visit popular tourist destinations such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima, and Hokkaido.

Additionally, the pass offers convenience and flexibility, allowing travelers to hop on and off trains without worrying about buying individual tickets. The Japan Rail Pass is a must-have for travelers exploring Japan by train.


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